Building Lobby Design by Sygrove Associates Design Group

Sygrove Associates Design Group is the most chosen interior design firm for lobby design installations at high-end cooperatives, condominiums and real estate developments in the New York City metropolitan area. The firm’s founder and president, Marilyn Sygrove has leveraged her extensive residential interior design expertise to become known as one of the top building lobby designers in the country.

Marilyn personally directs all design, planning and installation activities from concept to punch list, working closely with boards and residents to gain consensus, engagement and long-term satisfaction.

“My goal is two-fold: to improve quality of life for the residents who live in the building and to increase the market value of the property by creating a tasteful, well-executed, thoughtful design.” Marilyn Sygrove

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Why Choose Sygrove Associates for Lobby Interior Design?

When you meet with Marilyn and her team you know that you are in the hands of experienced professionals who will make sure that the final product is as functional as it is beautiful. No two Sygrove projects look alike, because no two properties are alike.

New York interior designer Marilyn Sygrove is widely published, and is highly respected and referred by leading real estate management companies and professional organizations. Don’t take our word for it:

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  • Timeless style that complements each buildings’ unique personality
  • Materials that are not only beautiful, but are durable and well-priced
  • Responsiveness and a focus on detail that is second to none
  • Proven, proprietary methodologies and dedicated support teams