Building Public Space Design by Sygrove Associates Design Group

Founded in 1982, Sygrove Associates Design Group is the premier interior design firm for public space interior design installations at high-end cooperatives, condominiums and real estate developments in the New York City metropolitan area. Marilyn Sygrove, the firm’s energetic founder and president, personally directs all strategy, planning and installation, using a proprietary methodology that makes it easy to gain consensus across boards, residents and other stakeholders and that result in beautiful, distinctive and functional public space design that stands the test of time.
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Why Choose Sygrove Associates for Your Building’s Concierge Station Design?

New York interior designer Marilyn Sygrove is widely published, and is highly respected and referred by leading real estate management companies and professional organizations. Sygrove Associates Design Group is the natural choice for your building’s lobby, hallway, and all public spaces interior design.

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Marilyn’s Residential Interior Design Work Has Been Called

  • Concierge station design that maximizes utility, durability and ease of maintenance
  • Deep expertise in materials that are beautiful and well-priced
  • Proven, proprietary methodologies and dedicated support teams
  • Responsiveness, proactive communications and a focus on detail that is second to none
  • Timeless style for your building whether the scheme is modern or traditional