“Sygrove Associates just completed our hallway renovation and the result is nothing short of stunning. Marilyn Sygrove led the charge in transforming the halls of our 100+ year old building on the Upper West Side without losing any of the charm or elegance of our landmark structure. The response from the residents has been extremely positive. Our neighbors are overwhelmingly “happy to come home.” Prospective shareholders have also noticed. The Board has seen several purchase packages that mention the beautiful, warm and welcoming design scheme. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Board Member, The Endicott Apartments Corporation, New York, NY

“The building looks beautiful. It’s all very stylish and sophisticated and is a huge upgrade to our NYC home. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Friends who have visited have been equally impressed. One couple is now even hoping to purchase an apartment here. Great job…many thanks!”
Shareholder, Cannon Point South, New York, NY

“A broker showing an apartment was raving about how well the building’s redecoration project went and how much value it added the apartments. When I first heard of the Board’s ambitious plan to redecorate the entire building; hallways, lobby, elevators and facade, I knew of no one who could design all four elements. How you managed to navigate through all of the different factions, from contractors, suppliers, staff, management and a seven member Board was truly remarkable. It was immediately apparent that your diplomacy and patience were as good as your design skills.”
Property Manager, Lex Owners Corp., New York, NY

“Hats off to you and your staff. People who have come to visit me can’t say enough about the work – modern slant on an older building (which makes the Upper West Side what it is) – maintaining the period.”
Board Member, The 203 Condominium, New York, NY

“After a rigorous interview process, we selected Marilyn Sygrove and her team to design and manage the installation of our hallways. What set Marilyn apart was her ability to respect others’ opinions, while professionally guiding us through the process. Marilyn’s innate ability to select the perfect colors resulted in a luxurious and tasteful finished project that exceeded the Board’s lofty expectations.”
Board Vice President, 411 East 53rd Street Condominium, New York, NY

“The richness of the design has made all our residents, as well as staff, feel proud of our building. Thanks to your firm sense of direction and knowledge of the best materials and approaches to choose, our committee of twelve was able to make the correct decisions.”
Board President, 15 West 72nd Street Owners Corp., New York, NY

“…our building has been turned into something one couldn’t have imagined possible. Our apartments’ values have already gone up tremendously since the completion of the hallways, et al.”
Board President, 520 East 76th St. Apartment Corp., New York, NY

“The several projects that you have done for us in design of public spaces, model apartments and other consultancies have always exhibited exquisite taste combined with practicality.”
Chairman, Rose Associates, Inc., New York, NY

“Over the years we have come to trust and value [your] taste and judgment. There isn’t a design related project we would attempt without consulting Sygrove first.”
Project Liason, The Bank of New York, New York, NY

“You developed a design scheme that…successfully accomplished the challenge of making enormously long halls appear to be more in scale. I feel that apartment values in this building, directly related to this above-standard decoration, have increased by at least 20%, if not more.”
Executive Vice President, Mayfair Towers, New York, NY

“I am extremely pleased with the way this project has turned out from a design standpoint. Overall, we have an elegant look that will wear well over time. It was also a pleasure for me to work with the truly professional staff that you lead. “
Board Member, Executive Plaza, New York, NY

“Because of you our long, dark, drab hallways are now bright, elegant and airy.”
Board Member, The Parker Imperial, New York, NY

“We could not bring our project to a formal close without mentioning your outstanding interpersonal skills and manners which did not detract from your ability to effectively deal with the daily challenges emerging during the day-to-day execution of the project.”
Tracy Tenants Corporation, New York, NY

“You have converted drab spaces into warm and elegant public areas, which was exactly the feeling we sought. Moreover, your patience, charm and expertise…was truly amazing.”
Board Member, 50 Sutton Place South, New York, NY

“You are to be commended for the helpfulness you and your staff exhibited throughout the process. The selection of materials and finishes you offered to our committee were of excellent quality and design and I’m sure will last a long time.”
Board Member, 400 East 85th St., New York, NY

“The task to design the lobby and hallways of this…Zeckendorf built building was no small task. All in all working with Sygrove & Associates, Inc. was a most pleasurable and productive experience and I would highly recommend them for any project you may have.”
Board President, World Wide Plaza Condominium, New York, NY

“We were able to work with various members of the Sygrove team and found them to be knowlegable, creative and reliable. As a result, this major renovation was executed with a minimum amount of disruption to the residents.”
Property Manager, Continental Towers Condominium, New York, NY

“The dedication of your design team is a direct reflection of your desire to provide nothing less than the absolute best for the client. I would like to thank you and your staff for a job well done and look forward to working with you again on future projects.”
Chairperson, House and Decorating Committee, Third Brevoort Corp., New York, NY

“… the Board has received nothing but compliments about the way the decorating project was conducted and on the results. This is almost unbelievable, but it’s true!”
Board Member, Hardenbrook House, New York, NY

“What you get when you hire Sygrove is not only their willingness to work with you to find the design with which you’ll be happy, but also the wealth of their technical follow-through and expertise.”
Board Member, 11 Fifth Ave., New York, NY

“On behalf of Rockefeller University, may I thank you for several jobs well done. Hats off to you, Marilyn, and to your team for consistently fine work.”
VP Business & Finance, Rockefeller University, New York, NY